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a new device for air filtering
Author: Roberto Monaco

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The advent of the pandemic has severely tested the effectiveness of healthcare facilities globally.
Still today, the gaps present for years within the health system and the inefficiency of some health policies adopted so far continue to emerge. However, the current pandemic context has led to a review of the health organization worldwide and to its modernization, bringing to light new solutions and new protocols for the management of health systems. In particular, in this paper we will focus our attention on the Italian healthcare sector, which was initially one of the most affected by the coronavirus. The Italian model can be considered as a valid example to show how in a situation of absolute emergency it is possible to develop new management models and formulate ingenious ideas that led to a controlled management of the virus within hospital structures. In this regard, the innovative project proposed by the Adiramef company was taken into consideration, which worked on the management of the ventilation systems inside the hospital structures which represent one of the critical points that favor the contamination of doctors and patients at the inside the structure. Before explaining in detail the new filter system taken into consideration, an overview of the Italian healthcare sector will be shown and a brief description of the Adiramef company, creator of the project, will be provided.

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